latest venture

I've just started doing decoder installations for a local hobby shop. As you can imagine, very few people are asking for external assistance to drop in a PnP decoder. This means that the vast majority of work I will get from this source will be the most troublesome types.

For instance, my very first task was to stuff a DZ123 decoder into an N-scale, Kato Heavy Mikado. This has a split frame pickup like many other N-scale products. Luckily there are some basic directions from others who have done this before; however I have come to disagree with some of the steps in their process description - I'll address the deficiencies next time I have to do one of these Mikes.

All that aside, this first unit is back together and tested. I must say I'm fairly impressed with the operation of recent releases of N scale steamers. They certainly aren't like the ones I used to fight with to get running...

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