It's difficult to accurately categorise the newest generation of online "publications" as direct replacements or even competition for traditional magazines. They exceed the capabilities and features that mere paper can offer. As such, they may not replace the old ways very quickly or completely.

Both Model Railroad Hobbyist and The Modeler's Guild (sic) offer a familiar format of articles, reviews and photos but also provide streaming video, user conversation/interaction, and reader feedback options not possible following the print paradigm.


Ron Pare said...

Thanks for the plug Chris. I am hoping we see many blog posts about the Guild this month. Thanks for being first.

BTW the original guild is ronpare.blogger.com

bobcatt said...


Multi-media is THE way to communicate a lot of information quickly. Interaction (comments/Q&A) is the feedback loop that refines and amplifies further output.

The Guild has a good format and feature set. I do enjoy the content.