I'll be Mac

I'm now a month or so into the iMac experience. The OS has been upgraded to 10.5 Leopard (top version for a G5 PPC), 50% of my images have been transferred from the WinPC, iPhoto and Mail have taken over from Image Browser and Thunderbird, while Time Machine chugs away in the background managing past configurations. Both mail and primary picture archives remain on the WinPC for the moment.

The WinPC isn't seeing a lot of use except for image edits and CAD, as I don't have comparable image manipulation software on the iMac (yet). Not a problem except for some shared directory issues still to be resolved to simplify transfers between machines. Not entirely happy with the still camera sync to iPhoto; it wants to download all images in the camera - even those that have been already transferred in previous sessions.

Oddly enough, the USB teleconferencing camera from the WinPC, which was a bit of a pain to set up under XP, worked flawlessly when plugged into the iMac. As a bonus the iPod, which has been reformatted and reloaded, no longer hangs up when finishing its sync process.

Plans are to replace the generic USB mouse, add a powered USB hub to expand connectivity, and pick up a general text with a decent 10.5 overview (likely "the Missing Manual" for Leopard).

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