approaching sector four

The sector plate is taking shape on the Port Rowan layout. We were able to install the supports, cut the MDF deck, secure it to the supports and align the plate with the approach track.

The pivot point needs to be drilled, and the bushings installed in the MDF plate and deck. This will happen next week at our upcoming work session. Once the hole is drilled, we can use a jig saw to cut a curve on the end of the sector plate itself.

Almost 100% certain how the sector plate will be driven. A threaded rod and handle will move a follower pin under the plate, driving the plate to align 1 of 4 tracks. I just need to locate an appropriate anti-backlash nut to make it happen smoothly.


Steve said...

How do I know this will be be completed without any slop in the mechanism? Fine threads and tight tolerances!

bobcatt said...

I'm actually going to use a pretty coarse thread, Steve. I am worried about the number of turns of the handwheel necessary to align from track to track at 2.5" centres. I don't want to have to make 50 turns each time. I thought that 8 tpi would be OK - that's 20 turns between tracks. Still debating the precise solution...