day 2, part 1

The second day in Calgary dawned bright and clear. The clarity & cleanliness of the air out there is surely something worth experiencing.

My host (Dean) and I tore off on another visit, this time to Geoff Southwood's place to see his in-progress HO Boston & Maine layout. Geoff is very nicely integrating his layout into his beautiful home as he goes along; no forests of unfinished benchwork cluttering up the place endlessly for him. I can appreciate his desire not to be surrounded by visual chaos for ages, even at the expense of not being able to run op sessions by getting all the track down first.

The layout will be two levels, and will feature RDC's and many other recognisable staples of the B&M.

Keeping it real - a simple plan but an attainable goal.
Some modeller's licence in the harbour interior. Water still to be poured.
What is New England without antique shops?
Fine dining on the waterfront.
The harbour grow-out. The fascia treatment is very clean.
Two legs of the wye.
An overall shot of the primary portion of the layout,
with bookshelves neatly included in the design.

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