clearance, Clarence

Can't seem to create much slip between two pieces of K&S brass tubing. Just too close in fit. Even spun the smaller one inside the larger one with a shot of Brasso using a cordless drill to see if I could lap some gap into the assembly. It moves slightly more freely, but not as much as I'd like.

Now, had I wanted a tight fit without fasteners or adhesives, no amount of mucking about would have produced it.

This is in pursuit of a slightly different turnout control for a layout project. The stands are from Sunset Valley, and they will actuate a FastTracks Bullfrog under the points. The Bullfrog has it's detent spring removed, and the two devices will be connected together using Sullivan R/C aircraft cables. The SV switch stands operate just like the real thing, and are sized for use with garden railway equipment.


Bruce Mohn said...

Have you tried adding lubricant between the tubes? It may also be that the friction between the two pieces is just too great. You may want to use a smaller diameter piece or try a piece that is made of a different material.

bobcatt said...

Actually, the amount of resistance has worked out in our favour, Bruce. The stands have just the right amount of 'feel' that work is being accomplished.