write right rite

Having taken the time to write out all of the requirements for this project in order to illustrate a point, I noted that I had failed to take care of several of the sub-tasks. I would have noticed this when it came time for assembly, however it's always nice to be able to check things off in turn as you progress through any project. The corporate world makes a big fuss over celebrating milestones - I think that people need to do the same in their personal lives. Rejoice in success, however small.

The point is, taking the time to visualise and document the task you are about to undertake can go a long way towards ensuring a successful outcome. Imagine each step of the process before you start the actual work. Note which tools and materials you will need before you set foot in your workshop. Cutting down the number of trips to the store and reducing wasted material are both good things. The exercise of planning it all out in your head will probably reduce your frustration level when the work is being done, too.

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