a little lighter

I have added a third fluorescent fixture to the workspace. Each of the three machine benches now has proper overhead lighting. It's a massive improvement that I will enjoy throughout the long winter months which are even now racing towards us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Specific task lighting is still to come; there are some great ideas percolating around the Internet. One particular adapation using Ikea fixtures done by my friend Dave Underwood is really well executed.
LED lights for the Taig mill

Dave's site, Tooling Around, is populated with useful machine tool-oriented workshop ideas. His own shop is neat, clean and (importantly) well lit. Take a look when you get the chance.

The Emco lathe has an ancient gooseneck (desk?) lamp attached to the splash board behind the chuck & headstock. It works fine, except that the bulb blew as soon as I switched it on the other day. It's a 40W S11 incandescent, quite a bit smaller than the usual household lamps. Luckily, the local hardware store had a couple in stock so I grabbed both. At some point I guess I'll have to switch to and LED or fluorescent to shine extra light at the workpiece. Sadly, the days of the incandescent are numbered.

I do have one of the Anglepoise magnifiers with a fluorescent ring lamp surrounding the lens. I may make a couple of new base mounts for this to allow me to attach it to any tool at will. Not quite sure if it will get in the way when trying to use the mill, though.

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