let there be light

Things continue to trend higher. The slope on the chart may not be very steep, but it's still going up.

Finally installed some new lighting in the shop space. A pair of 4' fluorescent fixtures with two, 32W tubes each. The tubes are 75CRI 6,500K Daylight Ecologic T8 from Sylvania. Illumination is even and the colour of the light is very good. Fixtures are American Fluorescent Performance Plus shop lights from Lowes. These are equipped with 3-prong cords and pull cords; even the hanging chains are included.

One end of the shop has had only a tacky chandelier left over from the previous owner. I cannot conceive a suitable use for such a fixture in a basement scenario, save perhaps an illegal apartment. I took some delight in de-lighting that part of the room. A commercial grade receptacle was installed in the octagon box, and the two fixtures were connected.

This approach will allow me to quickly reposition fixtures as my usage of the space changes and, having them connected to the existing overhead circuit, allows me to shut off all the lamps at once via the switch near the shop entrance when I'm done for the day.

The ability to see what I'm doing in there has improved so much that I'm going to grab at least two more of these fixtures for this space. Ultimately, one fixture will be installed over each workbench. A slight amount of rewiring will be necessary to support the higher current load.

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