lost and found

In the course of moving all of this stuff around the basement, I have mislaid the few finished (or partially finished) pieces of a single-cylinder steam engine that the local crowd of Model Engineers undertook as a group project a number of years ago. It's always bugged me that I didn't finish it at the time and, naturally, the bits quickly became buried in my vast collection of other stuff that I've been dragging around for years. Last summer I finally located the package of parts and instructions and set them aside so it wouldn't get lost again - which it has - pending the workshop's rise from obscurity. 

I did, however, find some time to work on another overdue item (I have lots of those). I've long lamented the lack of good T-nuts for the Taig mill. A while agao I had marked out and started to mill some aluminium bar stock to make a set of six T-nuts with more substance than the stock offerings. Since I can now see what I'm doing in the shop, I cleaned up around the mill, checked the markings, centre drilled (because I found those), and drilled for 10-32 thread. I want to slightly countersink the top edges of the holes before tapping but, naturally, I can't find my countersinks. So that step will have to wait until I can find some more time.

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