a note on gears

Do not discount "other" hobby factions when looking for model railway components. For instance, I found what I hope to be some suitable 64 dp aluminium gearing in a shop catering to R/C car enthusiasts. The prices were reasonable and the selection quite surprising. Large scale modellers would certainly be able to utilise gears in the 48 or 32 dp range which are also available.

The gears are designed with a hub and grubscrew for fastening to the shaft. I will have to face the gears down in thickness to reduce their space requirements. I will also eliminate the hub and aim for a press fit on the shafts.

If the loads are sufficiently low, plastic gearing intended to repair R/C servos could be employed. Sets are available in a bewildering array of choices. Given their intended application as torque multipliers in a servo, the ultimate reduction would be quite high.

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