On30 module (part 2)

The inside fascia is now on the module. A wavy profile was cut into it to encourage steep hillsides and their associated scenic necessities. Since the module is intended to be viewed from either side, the high vantage will make for an interesting viewpoint.

In honour of a memory which is fading and mellowing with time, I have decided to call the module "Whisky Creek". I am using the Scots spelling of the word, so please don't email or comment telling me I've left out the "e". I have nothing against Irish tipple; I enjoy Redbreast and Black Bush whenever the opportunity arises. While it bears little resemblance to the actual location of my childhood, I'll always recall a pleasant vision when I say the name.

As mentioned before, this module is a bit of an experiment. It is being formed "inside-out". The foam was cut and shaped prior to the addition of end plates or fascias. There will be some compromises in its construction due to an undeniable lack of planning. That I am able to salvage this unit from a previous set of trials is a bonus.

I have some concerns in terms of robustness due to the odd way in which it is being built. The main worry is the long-term stability of the end plate-to-fascia joint. This is made using only two or three #8 x 1-1/2" particle board screws (Robertson head, of course) at each end. It may be possible to notch the foam to make sufficient space to retrofit inside corner blocks for stiffening.

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