On30 module (part 3)

The ditches have been formed, the cork roadbed is in place, and the sugar pine ties have been laid. A slight dip just before the bridge will have to be corrected before ballast is applied or rails are spiked. I was able to determine that the original alignment included an 18" radius, rather than 22" as I'd hoped. This will limit some of the equipment that can operate on the module.

A few observations:
a) The expanding foam-in-a-can is NOT hotwire friendly,
b) do not apply plaster prior to your hotwire work,
c) wear static-free clothing while carving foam, and
d) make the top layer from a single piece if possible.

The cork is being fastened with No More Nails adhesive and has been pinned in place while it sets. A single 5" wide piece of Mid-West cork yields 12' of 1-1/4" wide strips that will bend around an 18" curve. If I recall correctly, one piece of 5" wide sheet was cheaper than 12' of bevelled HO roadbed.

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