current project (part 1)

When I can manage to get the link up and running, I will have a honey of a Current Project to share. It's a devilish little 0-4-0 infernal combustion loco kit that has seen better days. At some point it might have been an adequate runner, but that is not longer the case.

The motor and gearbox design would be fine if the whitemetal castings hadn't worn away around the axles. Now the gears do not stay in mesh. When they do decide to connect, it jumps and bucks like a startled deer. There is no slow speed control due to the negligable reduction in RPM through the use of a terribly small diameter worm wheel. Slow speed running will have to be addressed during the rebuild.

I have an idea that will increase the gear ratio, provide a 3-point suspension, and permit the addition of a small flywheel. This will involve a complete chassis fabrication, but it will be well worth the effort in terms of performance and reliability. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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