flea bitten

A second, semi-annual flea market has come and gone. Numbers do not tell the whole story. More material changed hands than the first event, but the volume occupied did not decrease as much as hoped. A reduction by 20% (one empty box of the 5 taken) will have to suffice.

Sadly, items anticipated as wanted did not move. Pricing was within market norms for most of the goods on display but I cannot yet bring myself to release certain pieces for virtually nothing. If I cannot recoup the amount I desire, I simply won't sell them.

The next market day has already been announced. Table price has increased. Past experience shows that the usual crowd of attendees are not looking for the goods I am selling, being somewhat esoteric compared to the regular fare. In a veritable sea of HO and N RTR plastic, I attempt to vend brass Sn2, non-Flyer S scale, On30 kits, detail parts, and niche magazines. A mug's game.

A more suitable venue must be found; it's simply not cost effective to sit largely idle for most of a day in the vain hope that someone equally offbeat and fainitly masochistic will waltz in and be smitten by a pretty pile of trinkets.


Tin Goat said...


Bring your Narrow Gauge items to the 7th Annual Ontario Gauge Show:
Saturday April 12, 2012.
We are planning to add a Narrow Gauge Flea Market to the show for guys like you to Buy, Sell and Trade.

bobcatt said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I will do that very thing. With luck I will only have the Sn2 stuff left.