in & out

Over the past week or so, many things have changed hands.

Outgoing, a hard-to-find locomotive kit that I may possibly slightly occasionally regret parting with later but is now in better hands. Several pieces of RTR rolling stock and a few kits that never quite "made the grade" are also gone. My S scale module has found a home with a new owner and, outside, a nettlesome pile of scrap metal has moved on to the big rust pile in the sky. Existing books and magazines have been thinned, if only a bit.

Incoming, a lovely On30 caboose built by Jeff Young rests on the shelf next to a hard-to-find copy of Bob Turner's "Skyline Limited" book on the Kaslo & Slocan Ry. A significant pile of pine 1x? lumber has taken up residence in the garage pending future uses too numerous to mention. On the floor, not quite underfoot, sits a mint condition MIG welder and a plethora of accessories that I won't even be able to put to use until new wiring is installed out to the breezeway. To cap it off, an ex NorTel 140 lb black granite surface plate made it down the stairs and into the shop. However, for some odd reason, roughly 75 pounds of printed periodicals showed up in five boxes while my attention was momentarily elsewhere.

This is all leading towards a future state which I'm fairly certain will be beneficial and more satisfying than the current one.

Sort, Stabilise, Shine, Standardise, Sustain.

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