more of...

Many months of apparent intervening inactivity. Several things have come to light in the interim. The two main points:

1) More space is required, and
2) more time is required.

In order to make more of the first, certain things are being sold, donated, or simply discarded. A bit of progress with each facet has freed a portion of the total volume. More to come. The process of choosing what to rid oneself of can be painful, remorse-laden, and time consuming. The benefits, however, should outweigh the penalties.

You cannot make more of the second. There isn't any extra to be had - only what you are alloted by a higher order of being, or eke through pure luck of the draw. You can, though, reduce the demands on precious time by eliminating commitments, combining activities, and improving efficiency. I cannot honestly say that I have had much success in any of those avenues but, with further effort, I should gain ground in each area.

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