Mac attack

Neglected to specifically mention that the G5 Mac power subsystem packed it in. After deliberation, and the trial of returning to daily WinTel usage, a Mac Mini was purchased. The recovery of all data from the Time Machine drive was so painless, so effortless, and so quick that it practically offset 1/2 the cost of the purchase purely in lost time savings. I had alloted 3 entire evenings to restore, reload, and reconfigure the data and computer to the previously known state - based on previous experiences recovering from WinTel failures. Much to my surprise and delight, the data reload, OS & application update, and Mail sync were all complete before 8:30 PM the first evening. Bewildering.

Of course, Apple has subsequently released an even better Mini but this is to be expected. I received sterling service from Computer Systems Centre on College St. in Toronto for both the LaCie Time Machine drive and the Mac Mini purchases.

It remains to be seen if the G5 can be economically repaired; it is still an able machine despite its age. The susbsytem fault could be on either the motherboard or inside the power supply itself; it is a known condition on certain builds. It is an intermittent fault condition and cannot be triggered at will, making diagnosis time consuming and tedious.

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