caught in the act

Trillium Railway #110 (ex CN S-13 1000hp) switching Interlake Paper on the Port Colbourne Harbour Railway in St. Catharine's, ON, March 2005. Accessing this customer requires street running up the tracks visible on the right. From the general reaction of the motorists on the roadway, this was not an everyday occurrence.

Two of us chased the short train (loco, 2 boxes, and a bright yellow caboose!) from road crossing to road crossing as it wound its way up the escarpment grades. My companion had just finished telling me that he'd never seen a train on this particular track section when it came into view. We didn't want to pass up the opportunity to take a few shots.

Of course, I didn't take any pictures of the other side of the loco. "Buck fever", I suppose.

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