30 ton Newfoundland boxcar

Styrene and stripwood scratchbuilt representation of a Newfoundland Railway outside braced boxcar in Sn42. Magor Car Co. prototype. Trucks are 4'-10" wheelbase Andrews in resin (sprung).

Boxcars and flatcars represented the vast majority of NR equipment. This car was intended to be the first of my own small "fleet" of outside braced units. I learned very quickly that it is not efficient to build more than one or two cars if you are going to make them one-at-a-time.

Experience on this project prompted me to learn more about resin casting, mould making, and how the design and integration of master patterns differs from making just another part of a single model.


cscardinal said...

Plans or drawings source?


bobcatt said...

This car was a bit of a mix-up, if I remember correctly. I had a partial drawing of a Magor car, and photos of a similar (but not identical) car made by NSC (I think). It's been a fair while since I've thought about it :-).