preferred materials

Mt. Albert Scale Lumber (except for one type of Northeastern - the 3/64" z-brace) & Mt. Albert sugar pine ties. Evergreen styrene strips and sheet stock, including scribed panels of different widths. K&S brass rod, sheet stock, and "special shapes" will suffice for heavier work.

Ambroid Pro-Weld solvent for the styrene; Weld-Bond PVA for the wood. Pacer's "Zap-A-Gap" CA for other combinations of this-to-that. 63/37 solder and various 2-56 through 0-80 fasteners for the brass hold everything together.

For the most part, paints are Polly Scale acrylic. The odd Badger ModelFlex bottle is used when specific colour is needed. Weathering is done with Bragdon Enterprises powders and dry-brushed white paint. A couple of Floquil's wondrous, now discontinued (and terribly toxic) Flo-Stain bottles are hidden away for a rainy day. Paint is applied by sable hair brush or shot through an old Badger XF-150 double-action airbrush.

Dana Nield used to have a webpage called "the Tamiya Model RR Paint Project". It talked about using armour-modeller style underpainting and washes on railroad subjects. If anyone has that content archived, please let me know.

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