On30 module (part 1)

A partially completed On30 module. Currently missing the inside radius fascia and matching foam contours at the back hill area. This module is partly experimental, as I hadn't previously used expanding foam for anything other than sealing gaps in walls. The foam did not prove to be a cost effective way of forming organic contours (~$10 CAD for one can of foam).

This non-90 degree curve will only contain a Hunterline king's post bridge spanning a small creek, and some coniferous trees just below the ridge crests. Rail will be code 83 Micro Engineering spiked to Mt. Albert ties on top of Midwest 3/16"x4" cork sheeting cut into strips.

Once the other fascia is applied, pine cross pieces will be fitted on the underside to tie the structure together. The contours of the terrain will be cut out of the top edges of the fascia pieces using a coping saw with a medium blade.

The ends are 3/4" thick G2S birch plywood. They are cut to two specific profiles adopted by our local On30 modelling group. One is a flat with a 1:12 slope away from the track (and ditch profiles). The other is a fairly steep hillside.

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