current personal project list

  • A few Wrightlines/ABS 60cm gauge WWI kits in 7mm, including a protected Simplex and a type D wagon.
  • Sn42 outside braced boxcar; a set of master patterns for RTV moulds.
  • On30 2-6-2 Backwoods Miniatures select-a-kit on a Bachmann HO 0-6-0 chassis.
  • Add motion to a static, whitemetal O scale stationary steam engine kit.
  • On30 4-wheel logging caboose.
  • Complete a long overdue S-scale Ridgehill Models dynamite shed.
Sold off the models of the WDLR prototypes in 7mm scale to another enthusiast. I'll make any such models in 16mm scale.

The Backwoods Miniatures kits were all sold off some time ago, so they are no longer on the plate.

The static model of the steam engine is likewise no longer around; traded for something else.

Will have to revisit this topic again...

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