DCC out of storage

The GenesisII DCC system I purchased a number of years ago is up and running again. This discontinued Digitrax starter set had all of the features I was after at the time, and is still compatible with all of their current product line.

I downloaded the latest Windows software for the optional PR-1 decoder programmer, and quickly had my old Sn42 diesel running with directional headlights & acceleration factors in just a few mouse clicks.

I am aware that the new, JAVA based DecoderPro software coupled with the LocoBufferII is a popular choice for decoder programming via the PC and Mac using serial or USB ports.

Given the interfaces on most digital throttles, I cannot see using them to program more than a few basic CV values to get up and running. A computer offers a point-and-click interface that allows you to save & load profiles for fleets of motive power and draw speed curves directly on-screen.


Geren said...

Programming with a Digitrax throttle, even a newer one, is nightmarish. So's Lenz.

NCE has a wonderful programming interface, especially in their newest firmware revision. Also, the new MRC Prodigy Advance system has a nice programming interface.

bobcatt said...

I certainly wouldn't try to program a speed table with any handheld.

For less than 1/2 the cost of a throttle, the computer solution remains my first choice for CV alteration.