Mogul progress

Despite being away from the workshop for several days, a small amount of progress (both good and bad) can be said to have been made.

1st - Don't try to remove the smokebox number plate without a big piece of tape hanging off it to keep track of it's inevitable movement. I still haven't found it since it popped off the front and bounced off the ceiling and several dozen bits of furniture. Now I'll have to turn a new one on the lathe.

2nd - It's a shame that Floquil's stains are no longer available. I have a bottle each of Rosewood and Pine that I'm hoarding until I find a good substitute. The Banta cab has received several washes of the Rosewood and, if it looks OK, will get several layers of gloss applied. Otherwise it will get the Polly Scale E/L Maroon and Glosscote finish.

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