MRC sound + Bachmann Mogul

After hearing a demo of the MRC synchro sound decoder, I decided I had to have one. The size of the decoder and speaker renders it nearly impossible to install in either of the On30 Porters. The Mogul, however, has a huge tender and is relatively easy to disassemble.

The Mogul is getting a facelift in the proceess of the installation.
- Cal Scale brass smoke stack
- Tomalco brass tender hatch
- Banta laser-cut wooden cab
- new paint job

All of the piping and accessories have been stripped from the boiler and it has been primed Polly-Scale MOW Gray and then Engine Black. A layer of Testors Glosscote will cover the black to represent the spit-and-polish expended when a road is still new (and solvent). Due to excessively rough handling by Canada Post during the Mogul's trip from BC to Ontario, a number of details must be repaired/replaced on the loco and tender. Luckily, none of the damage affected the running qualities.

As usual, the camera doesn't lie and shows off the flaws in the finish. Still more work to do on the boiler and stack. The smokebox also needs several touchups as the masking tape unexpectedly pulled off some of the factory graphite finish.

It's also obvious that I require some seriously improved lighting capabilities if I'm going to take decent construction photos.

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