I've got no strings...

I've finally had a chance to hook up the UR90 InfraRed receiver panel from Tony's Train Exchange (excellent service) and test the UR4 utility throttle I picked up at the Credit Valley Railway (terrific local hobby shop).

I noted a slight delay in some of the command transmissions, but nothing to worry about so far. My test setup emulates a fascia mount with the UR90 at hip level. This is not an optimal arrangement for picking up line-of-sight signals. Ideally the panel should be higher up and father away, nearer to a theorectical backdrop plane in order to receive signals from a wider arc.

The setup requires a 12VAC wall-wart for the UR90 panel and a 9V battery installed in the throttle itself. It's a simple and inexpensive way to go wireless now that the basic Digitrax throttles come with IR functionality included. For an around-the-wall layout, you'll likely need more than one of these receivers to provide adequate coverage for all throttles.

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