divide and conquer

The semi-annual Model Railroad flea market approaches. A table has been booked. A variety of items are gathered in boxes to be carted out and, with any luck, transferred to the possession of someone else. Just freeing up the space consumed will be a benefit, however a monetary gain will certainly be realised.

Recent consultations have all pointed to a need for tighter focus and drastic reduction in excess inventory. There simply aren't enough years in a life to undertake all of the projects one would like. Removal of distraction will, no doubt, be liberating.

A discussion overhead by a coworker has yielded an opportunity to provide a younger hobbyist with a significant amount (30+ pounds) of previously enjoyed reading material of the periodical variety. He'll have a big box of MR to peruse by tomorrow night...


on a positive note

public display failure
neighbourhood power failure
ABS plumbing failure
drainage failure
tractor drive belt failure
laptop battery failure
iMac power supply failure
medical system failure
appointment scheduling failure
employment ethics failure

but, frankly, the bacon was absolutely delicious