The S scale modules made their first public appearance this weekend at the annual Copetown Train Show. This is a well-attended event that traditionally features items of a scratchbuilt or highly detailed and modified nature.

From what I have been able to ascertain, we made a favourable impression on both the general public and our fellow exhibitors. The seven of us managed to field just over 90 linear feet of standard gauge, Free-Mo style modules for our premier. I'd have to say this effort has taught us a lot, and will help to ensure that the next show is even more successful.

The CNR Mogul locomotives stole the stage, especially #923 with its Tsunami sound module installed.


module madness

One end of the 3-section module currently under construction for
the S Scale Workshop.

The other send of the set. It is a 9'-9" long S curve with minimum 52" radii joined with easements. One #8 turnout will lead to a sugar-beet loading facility. The primary route is through the diverging leg of the turnout.


better late than never

Very, very high workload since the beginning of December. Real life once again pushed aside more interesting pursuits. There's light at the end of the tunnel, but it's still a bit faint. Finally have a moment to update this 'blog.

First priority is continuing work on the S scale module for the upcoming annual Copetown train show. The plan is simply to provide operating trackwork at this point, as pressing matters are limiting the time I can spend on the project.

The module set (9'-9" OAL) is taking up the majority of the living area. Photos to follow as progress warrants...