new SIG

A new, NMRA affiliated Special Interest Group has been formed. It is the S Scale SIG, and can be found at http://sscale.org/. The executive has already created a nice website and forum for discussion of "scale" related, as opposed to "gauge" related (American Flyer, et al), topics in 1:64.

The site is also intended to become a directory of all available equipment and material for S scale, and will electronically publish a SIG newsletter.

Kirlin Scale Models

Had a very good conversation with Dan Kirlin on last Sunday afternoon. Among other things, we discussed efficient workshop design, layout planning, modification of brass models, DCC decoder installation, the relative merits of DCC manufacturer's offerings, Lenz' RailCom feature, various operation sequences for production lathes, restoration of vintage tools, the fear of brass (Orichalcuphobia?), work shop safety, alternate methods for threading for those machines without leadscrews, and 3-phase AC power in residental applications.

Dan has manufactured many HO scale detail parts and models, and builds models of his own in S scale. He is an authorised Soundtraxx installer and a Lenz DCC dealer. He is also a skilled machinist, fabricator, & custom painter, and has performed many repowering jobs on brass models.


narrowly escaping

A conflict has arisen that will prevent me from attending the Schomberg, Ontario Narrow Gauge Madness Show this year. Turns out it's the same weekend as Supertrain in Calgary, Alberta. I can't be in both places at once, and I had planned to make the trip to Calgary this year for a long overdue visit to a very good friend.

That said, there are several other shows coming up that I hope to at least drop in and look around:
  • Copetown (currently being run by the Canadian Association of Railway Modellers)
  • K-W Woodworking Show (at Bingemans, helping at the machine tool display rather than trains)
  • Ottawa Train Expo (new, and hopefully vibrant)
  • Port Hope (a small show but outside my normal area)
  • Picton (probably helping out with Dad's 0-16.5 layout)
  • Whitby (instead of the Toronto Christmas Train Show)