one day of progress

The September work session of the GTOn30 group went very well, with 80% of the group being able to attend. A hearty repast was enjoyed at the luncheon break, and a reasonable (and responsible) quantity of local beverage was consumed.

Over the day we managed to make some marked progress on Lynn's module set which consists of a three section, 12 foot long unit which makes a lazy S-curve over a wide river, plus a roughly 90° turn through a rock cut. All the temporary flex track used during the NGM show was lifted, the roadbed was repaired and/or re-aligned as necessary, and Mt. Albert sugar-pine ties were laid throughout. Micro Engineering code 83 rail was spiked in place were possible, however the bridge span was left bare in order to facilitate the reconstruction of the steel span to a higher modelling standard with added detail. A scenic re-assessment yielded the addition of some retaining walls below the track elevation and a drainage culvert. Further, our civil engineering member managed to finalise the position of the bridge piers on the two approaches.

all work and no play...

Nothing but excessive work of late. I did, however, get to operate a Wilesco stationary steam engine yesterday. It was great fun! The unit is very similar to their model D22 shown here:

Once a good head of steam is made in the small boiler, the twin cylinder, self-starting engine really whirls along at what I can only describe as a somewhat intimidating RPM.

The owner of this marvelous toy would like to make it into a self-propelled engine, in order to play around with "steam in the garden". Naturally, I think that's a capital idea and volunteered to assist in the process as time permits.