Free-Mo (S and On30)

It looks as if we made enough of a favourable impression with our S scale Free-Mo layout that it warranted a mention in the Editor's Notebook section of the June, 2006 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. I can't express how wonderful it was to see that write-up in print, especially in that magazine.

There was also an inquiry for our Free-MOn30 modular group to exhibit at the 2007 show in Copetown, Ontario. For that to be successful we'll need to make some significant progress on the modules themselves in terms of scenery...

The modellers in this region have not previously produced or displayed a Free-Mo style modular layout (except for a hybrid arrangement from the Ottawa area). However, the showings at Copetown (S) and Schomberg (On30), seem to have stirred some local interest in the format itself - if not the scales or gauges modelled. I would not be at all surprised to see more than one HO Free-Mo at an upcoming show.

In looking for Free-Mo standards for S scale, I did come across the following Yahoo group Free-MoS. There aren't many members yet, but at least it's a place to go and discuss the future possibilities.