MRC sound + Bachmann Mogul (part 2)

MRC decoder #0001627 (~ $90 CAD)

Just finished installing one of these decoders in the Bachmann Mogul. It's a decent sounding unit, which I bought primarily for the chuff; it is less mushy than most that I've heard. It includes a 28mm, 8 Ohm speaker and is apparently capable of driving two speakers of this size.

It has headlight/reverse light, basic motor control (no BackEMF or high frequency PWM) with programmable accel/decel & start voltage, and 12 audio functions.

At the moment, I'm having some difficulty getting the chuff rate set with respect to driver RPM. There is no way to use a sound cam with this decoder.

Volume can be controlled only to the extent of loud, quiet, and off.

The speaker was installed in the tender facing downwards. The decoder was also installed in the tender with all wiring except the yellow reverse light passing forward into the locomotive. A slot was milled in the right side of the chassis casting to route the wires to the motor, pickups and headlight.

The Mogul itself is far from complete, with many more details to be re-applied and new ones created in order to alter its appearance.


A recent trip to Kinmount, Ontario offered some interesting sights.

First, the former Craig & Austin sawmill building in Kinmount. At one time there was a slash burner in the middle of the river on a stone foundation. Sadly, this is long gone. The mill itself is a good sized prototype to model.

Second, a small Fordson tractor at the museum in Minden. This museum has several historic buildings which were relocated to the site, including a church, schoolhouse, log home, and bank.