approaching sector four

The sector plate is taking shape on the Port Rowan layout. We were able to install the supports, cut the MDF deck, secure it to the supports and align the plate with the approach track.

The pivot point needs to be drilled, and the bushings installed in the MDF plate and deck. This will happen next week at our upcoming work session. Once the hole is drilled, we can use a jig saw to cut a curve on the end of the sector plate itself.

Almost 100% certain how the sector plate will be driven. A threaded rod and handle will move a follower pin under the plate, driving the plate to align 1 of 4 tracks. I just need to locate an appropriate anti-backlash nut to make it happen smoothly.


stop and go

The bead spinner sits idle. Did it work? Oh yes, it threw them everywhere with verve and gusto. Is it quiet? Yes, can barely detect that it's running. Is it user-friendly? No, it needs a speed control and some guards for the moving parts. Another project on hold for the moment.

On the railroad front, the trestle bents were all assembled during the last work session. Making a jig sped things up and ensured consistent results. I'd do it differently were I to do it again; making some refinements to the jig to aid cutting of the pilings, etc. The trestle looks great and there will be a riverbed raising party soon to match it all to the height of the pilings. See the progress at the Lynn Valley Trestle entry on Trevor's blog.