about me

What about me?

Is my past relevant? What about my future? Perhaps these blog postings provide some answers or, at least, raise interesting questions.

I have been variously described as:
  • frustrated cynic
  • dilettante
  • curmudgeon
  • techno-geek
  • inveterate tinkerer
  • vegetariantarian

Employment began delivering newspapers and has (so far) topped out in the aerospace industry, with prolonged stops at data communication and manufacturing technology along the way. 

Formal education spans art techniques, digital electronics, computer systems, machining, carpentry, traditional draughting and CAD. Anything else has been pursued as desire and time arise. I expect to continue learning until they nail the box shut.

Hobbies revolve around (mostly) model railways and (some) metalworking and (now) traditional woodworking. My amusements (in no particular order) include Manga, Big Band music, old movies, British comedies, and the various sub-genres of science fiction.

I am a non-hyphenated Canadian.