outside the enginehouse

Sonjora Branch of the D&RGW.

A small scene in the Rio yard of Dave Burrough's fabulous layout. Car card operations on this pike are enhanced by flawless mechanical operation, a PFM sound system, and hands-free switching thanks to Kadee magnetics throughout.


logging caboose

This was made from styrene following Pete Moffett's plans from the July 1988 NMRA Bulletin. It is an O scale, standard gauge logging caboose with Grandt Line detail parts and piano wire railings. I made this as a present for a friend on the west coast when he donated a quantity of On30 materials that he was no longer using.


This week and next I will be participating in four operating sessions on a variety of local layouts ranging in timeframe from early to late 20th century. Some will be signalled and others will be train order and/or timetable with car cards. All will have multi-person crews for each function (at least engineer + conductor/brakeman).

The lure of operations over simply "running trains" is sometimes difficult to convey. Modelling a feasible (or actual) rail system and it's purposeful movement of goods can present significant challenges unless the layout is designed from the start to support this activity. In the end, I feel it adds measurably to the overall enjoyment of the equipment and layout.

WWI + industrial

I've finally received the two major books on WWI trench railways that I've been trying to locate for some time. "Narrow Gauge to No Man's Land" by Richard Dunn and "La Voie de 60 Militaire de la Guerre de 14-18 en France" by Dr. Christian Cénac. These are terrific reference works that greatly expand upon the contents of "Narrow Gauge at War" volumes 1 and 2 published by Plateways Press. Dr. Cénac's book is nearly 400 pages with many scale drawings (1/35) and illustrations.

Even more drawings and photos of WDLR equipment can be found in recent issues of "Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railway Modelling Review" magazine published in the UK. This magazine is a must-have for critter enthusiasts and those desiring detailed information of industrial operations and equipment.