mystery multiplication

Earlier this year I set out to clear some space on the book shelves. Duplicates & the merely unwanted were to be done away with. This newly freed space would allow for the excavation of boxes containing my long buried books. There were more books than free space, I'm afraid.

The first batch was easy; about 3 cubic feet of duplicate Model Railroader & Railroad Model Craftsman magazines, mostly from the 50/60/70's timeframe. They went to a single mum's 12 year old railroader. Apparently the first thing he did was start sorting them into the correct date order...

The next batch was a whopper; about 10 cubic feet of MR, RMC, Model Railroading and Railmodel Journal. With the pending release of the MR DVD set, there was no need to keep the paper versions on-hand despite a preference for the tactile experience of reading the real thing. These all went to a young pastor who's just starting out in the hobby. I thought this was the last of them.

Early last week a pile of boxes were shuffled to reveal another 3 cubic feet of MR from the 80/90's time frame. These went off to the first young recipient, who by now has finished perusing the older issues and passed quite a number of them on to an 80 year old modeller who has a decided preference for the older columnists and authors.

Just today, a final pile of boxes was moved to reveal yet another cache of MR, RMC, and miscellaneous railroad titles. Oddly enough, I have no real recollection of these arriving on site. Some of the RMCs have taken residence on the shelf to fill in the gaps, but the rest are going to have to go. 4 more cubic feet; 20 in total.

I am not about to calculate the remaining (wanted) publication's space consumption; questions you don't want to hear the answers to shouldn't be asked...


a new blog

The S Scale Workshop, returning victorious from their recent trip to Milwaukee's Trainfest, thought it would be nice to have a group blog to collect progress reports, share information, make product announcements and so on. I've set one up here -
- so please drop in and say hello if you get the chance...