setting the scene

Last weekend I learned some techniques for making scenery.

Trevor Marshall asked me to visit the TrainmastersTV studios with him so I could participate in his latest "Roadshow" episode. My job was to ask silly questions, and he would show me how easy it was to generate basic grasslands. It was far easier than I expected.

My forte has always been electrical and mechanical aspects of layouts. If you want a pair of .128" diameter holes drilled .750" apart, or you need a wiring harness connecting you control panel to the tracks, I'm your man. But high-school art classes were a long time ago, and I was much better at mechanical draughting than "sketching from life" even then.

Starting with a blank slate (a 12" square slab of extruded foam insulation in this case) Trevor showed me how to add gentle contours, foundation colour & texture, realistic ground cover, and even small shrubs to create a pleasing diorama in just a few hours. The results I achieved were satisfying and visually acceptable; I'm sure with more practise I could improve to the point where I would surprise myself with the finished product.

Trevor has a more complete write-up of the event. Please visit his site for more detailed description.

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Trevor said...

It was about time I returned the favour... ;-)

I'm looking forward to helping you add scenery to a layout of your own at some point in the future. And I'm looking forward to seeing how this segment turned out.

There was nothing silly about your questions - they were great conversation starters. Barry seemed really pleased by our two-hander, and I'm sure he wants us back for more.


- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)